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Behind The Build Mods To The Submariner


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It’s impossible to talk about watches without the Rolex Submariner coming up. The Submariner is likely to be the most famous watch there is – especially in the field of sports watches. It has been a fashion-setting watch since its introduction in 1950.

The Seiko SKX Submariner mod is an excellent method to experience the design of a Submariner without having to contend with high Rolex pricesor years-long waitlist just for the chance to buy the watch. Furthermore, there’s a serious absence of aftermarket parts. Nobody is going to modify an expensive Rolex. Building your own custom Submariner-style modification opens the possibility of a variety of options, as we supply a wide range of Seiko modifications for an custom build.

You can create a Submariner Mod that’s true to your vision by using our NMK909 Submariner case and components. It costs only less than what the Seiko Submariner would cost. Our Seiko Submariner cases are made using solid Seiko movements, which means you don’t have to worry about the high cost of servicing.

Making a SKX seiko submariner mod for sale Your Own Method

It’s true that a Submariner mod is likely to be one of the most attractive Seiko mod ideas available.


A Submariner mod is based on regular SKX parts, unlike many other SKX mods. You can reuse the old case to build a new project, or purchase all the parts you require without starting with a donor SKX. This checklist could be helpful if you want to have an entire watch constructed from scratch.

We feature both polished and steel PVD Seiko submariner cases that are a perfect starting point for any skx submariner mod. The NMK909 case is compatible with OEM as well as aftermarket Seiko Skx parts to ensure you’ll never have issues in your vision.

The Right Look

Rolex has been using the Submariner in experiments for decades. Both the Yachtmaster and Submariner are able to serve as an inspiration to design seiko submariner. This SKX submariner mod by the gold crown and bezel, to make a SKX Submariner that is a bit similar to the latest version of gold, yet with its own distinct flavor. It comes with a stunning waffle-textured dial that accentuates the design, and pairs fantastically with the polished and brushed finishes of the black case.

Innovating a new SKX submariner

The SKX Submariner case is very versatile and we’d recommend to take a look at all of the bezel, insert, and case options that are available for you to choose from. Take a look through our wide range of bezel inserts to be aware of the options available and get some motivation before you begin to build an seiko submariner.

There are many possibilities, which is why this hobby can be quite intimidating. Follow this article for some tips for planning your Submariner-style watch design.

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